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How to keep cooling in hot summer

How to keep cooling in hot summer

16 Jul 2020

Summertime means fun activities like swimming,cookouts,fishing, running away, driving anywhere you can as long as we can leave the mess life. Traveling the road with the cosy music .

We driving and singing. Jesus, give me the vacation like this, enjoy it alone alone alone.

The summer is the time of year for numerous construction project. Unfortunately, it’s also the time of year when workers are most exposed to the danger of excessive heat, sun exposure, lighting strikes and other environmental hazards.  Each summer, thousands of workers suffer sunburns, dehydration, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and the heat stroke. As a result, these workers become sick on the job and some even lose their lives due to excessive exposure to heat  

Each summer, thousands of workers suffer sunburns, dehydration, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. As a result, these workers become sick on the job and some even lose their lives due to excessive exposure to heat.

Whether you’re a business owner, contractor, project manager or part of a safety team, it’s important to understand how heat can affect the body, recognize the signs and symptoms of heat-related illnesses, and how to respond if a worker is experiencing a heat-related illness.

Beat the heat inside and out.

Admittedly, it’s easier to get by with little or no air-conditioning in Northern climates than in the South. Yet no matter where you live, a cooler house starts with keeping heat out of the home.

Begin with your landscape. Plant shade trees along the south and west sides of the house .

Deciduous trees that leaf out in the growing season provide shade in the hottest months and drop their leaves in the fall so that sun can warm the house in winter. A trellis with climbing vines positioned on the south and west sides of the house also keep the sun’s heat away .

Installing a radiant barrier on the underside of the roof decking greatly reduces attic heat, which can work its way into living areas below. Adding insulation to the attic completes this protection,

Inspect your duct work to ensure that no air-conditioning is leaking into the attic.

Lined curtains and shutter blinds, closed during the heat of the day, repel the sunlight. Low-emissivity, or “low-e,” glass windows reflect outside heat in the summer and retain inside heat during the winter. If your windows aren’t made of low-e glass, consider applying heat-reflecting film to them.

Beat the heat with a selection of climate control equipment

As a business owner, you know the importance of keeping your team members cool during sweltering summer days — and you also know the impact a loss of commercial air conditioning can have on productivity.

Initially developed to keep heavy machinery operating at peak performance, commercial air conditioner makers began studying the impacts a cool, comfortable workplace can have on team members. That initial study showed air conditioning boosted productivity by more than 25 percent and led to decreased absenteeism when compared to team members who didn’t work in air-conditioned environments.

Now, decades later, it’s hard to imagine working in a non-air-conditioned workplace. But due to wear-and-tear, lightning strikes and random power outages, it happens — often.

No matter what your situation may be — whether you’re attempting to cool a multi-story building, grocery store, retail store, restaurant, office, protect a computer server room from overheating or outside workers from heat exhaustion — Siboly Air Cooler offers the entire gamut of cooling solutions.

For business and industries that can’t afford to grind to a standstill due to a power outage or air conditioning breakdown, SIboly Air Cooler can quickly mobilize and get you up and running while you wait for your existing HVAC unit to be repaired or replaced.

Our evaporative coolers are developed to work well in high-humidity environments too, however, and will remain much more efficient than a simple fan that just circulates warm air. Our coolers will increase humidity by 2 to 5%, depending on temperature and humidity in the environment you want to cool. The slight increase is not noticeable in ventilated areas where the air produced by the unit is exhausted.

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