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Thoughts on central air cooling system under the covid-19 situation

Thoughts on central air cooling system under the covid-19 situation

04 Sep 2020

At present, this is an unusual year for all HVAC workers. Both in terms of engineering and retail, the industry is faltering under the multiple pressures of global economic environment, national policy regulation, regional economic planning and market funding. Many enterprises are not optimistic about the situation in the first quarter and the first half of 2020, and the sharp decline is their unified perception. The first sales explosion point that should belong to the market in 2020 was swept away by the epidemic without any precautions. It can be predicted that the central air conditioning industry will meet the situation again in 2020, adding more uncertainties to the previously uncertain market prospect.

"Healthy" air cooler system ushered in a new opportunity

After the covid-19 outbreak, masks were out of stock, alcohol was out of stock, and all the protective products people could think of sold out almost overnight. At the same time, air purification products are back in the public eye.

Before the outbreak of the epidemic, evaporative air cooling system were not the mainstream products of central air conditioning, and were more widely used in commercial places.

In the wake of the outbreak, there has been a resurgence of interest in installing and discussing evaporative air cooler systems. In particular, after the State Council organized China CDC to compile relevant management and issued guidelines on the application of fresh air in public places, all fresh air mode should be implemented in office and public places. The introduction of this guideline undoubtedly provides a clearer development direction for the application of fresh air in the commercial and public fields. The channel layout of the industry will tilt its center of gravity again.

It is believed that after the pneumonia outbreak, more and more public buildings will be integrated into the evaporative air cooling system at the design stage.

It is worth noting that in the battle against the covid-19, not only the air purifiers and new air cooler fans familiar to the public, but also the outdoor fresh air equipment, vehicle-mounted purifiers, portable new fans, electric masks, fresh air lungs, breathing treasure and other uncommon products were displayed in the public's sight.

With the guidance of national policies, the enhancement of consumer awareness, the upgrading of products and technologies, and the impetus of this novel Corona virus, It is believed that the application and promotion of air purification products will inject vitality into the health air cooling system in 2020. Driven by these positive points, air cooler and fresh air purification will be realized

 "Healthy" air conditioners have attracted much attention

With the expansion of the epidemic area and the improvement of self-protection awareness, the health function of household products will become more prominent. Therefore, the central air conditioning system with disinfection and sterilization and fresh air system to help indoor ventilation is expected to receive attention. Therefore, for the brand manufacturers of central air conditioning, there are two development directions worth more attention: first, the equipment itself to strengthen self-purification capacity, to use new technology, the development of new materials. The other is to make new breakthroughs in the distribution and organization of air flow. So as to comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of products, to win the market initiative.

Why evaporative air cooler healthier than traditional air conditioners?

Air coolers present significant environmental benefits with no harmful chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) emissions and very low power consumption.

Air coolers use fresh,clean air from outsides. They also allow you to keep windows/doors open for better air circulation whereas ACs circulate stale air inside a sealed environment.  

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