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Why choose air cooler for household

Why choose air cooler for household

11 Dec 2020

Household air coolers that use wet curtains as evaporators have better effects than air-conditioning fans in shopping malls. Large air volume and low temperature. And there is no need to put an ice crystal box in the water in advance, just add tap water and it can be used. When using, leave the window open so that the air will be convective and the humidity will not increase. This is different from the cooling principle of air conditioners. The disadvantage is that it cannot achieve constant temperature, but the air has high oxygen content and will not get air-conditioning disease. Power saving is a must. The power of 1500 wind volume is only 170W, which is more than one kilowatt hour in 10 hours.

Household air coolers

Household air cooler is an evaporative cooling and ventilation unit that integrates cooling, ventilation, dust prevention, and deodorization.

The cooling principle of the air cooler (evaporative air conditioner) is: when the fan is running, it generates negative pressure, so that the outside air flows through the porous and humid curtain surface to force the dry bulb temperature of the curtain air to drop to the humidity close to the outside air. The bulb temperature, that is, the dry bulb temperature at the outlet of the air cooler is 5-12°C lower than the outdoor dry bulb temperature (up to 15°C in dry and hot areas). The hotter the air, the greater the temperature difference and the better the cooling effect. Because the air is always introduced indoors from outside, (this time is called a positive pressure system), it can keep the indoor air fresh; at the same time, because the machine uses the principle of evaporation and cooling, it has the dual functions of cooling and humidification (relative temperature can reach 75%) It can not only improve the cooling and humidification conditions, but also purify the air, reduce the needle breakage rate in the knitting process, and improve the quality of knitting textile products.

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